About The Instructor

Garrett Stephenson

        Growing up in Washington State has given Garrett a community that he is proud to call home. Throughout Garrett’s life, he has been an integral part of the Pacific Northwest community.  In high school, he ran track and field for South Kitsap High School and attended Olympic College in Bremerton.  In 2012, he attended the International ALERT Academy in Northeast Texas and became highly involved with disaster relief and search and rescue.  Throughout his training, he worked closely with relief organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse providing disaster relief and support for areas devastated by tornados, wildfires, and hurricane flooding.   He developed a passion for medicine and eventually completed the two-year EMT-Paramedic program.

       In 2015, Garrett traveled to Africa, where he took part in a humanitarian mission to rural Uganda.  He worked closely with doctors and nurses to establish the groundwork for a clinic and personally provided first aid care to dozens of locals daily during his two-month stay.  After observing firsthand, the struggles that come from a lack of basic medical training, he determined not to take local resources for granted and purposed to continue to improve the quality of life and health of others.  Upon returning to the United States, Garrett worked as a private ambulance paramedic in East Texas for 1 year before deciding to return to his home community on the Kitsap Peninsula.  To round out his experience, he obtained his Nursing Assistant certification and began serving locally in nursing homes for the elderly and as an on-site medic for summer camps.

       Garrett believes it is important to connect with the people living in your community regardless of age or disability.   He is currently completing his Junior year at UW-Tacoma in the Biomedical Sciences program with plans to continue his medical career either in direct patient care or in medical research.  Garrett’s love of family and community has given him a desire to provide quality, local care, and training to improve the lives of his neighbors and friends.  As the population of the state grows and diversifies, Garrett wants to be an example while promoting the idea that this is Our Community and Our Health.